Commissie 2023

The Actuarial Congress Committee 2023 from left to right: Ira de Witte (Coordinator), Nuria Nouel (Acquisition & Promotion), Coen de Jong (Acquisition & Promotion), Kaj Soellaart (Chairman), Valentine Gu (Speakers), and Dionne Pimentel (Magazine & Website). 

Ira de Witte - Coordinator

My name is Ira and I am the coordinator of the Actuarial Congress. For the past year, I have been on the Board as Internal Affairs, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary for the study association VSAE. I was able to organize many educational and fun events throughout the year, including the Actuarial Congress. I am currently in the last phase of my bachelor Econometrics. The committee has worked very hard this year to set up a great congress and I can proudly say that this is the first year that the congress is held in English. We, the committee and the board, think it is very important to make the congress accessible to the students, as well as all actuaries. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in March!

Kaj Soellaart - Chairman

Hi there, my name is Kaj and I’m the chairman of the upcoming edition of the Actuarial Congress. This year’s theme sparks my interest a lot and I’m looking forward to how it applies to the actuarial field. As a committee, we have put our best efforts into making this congress a success. We hope to take this positive energy with us during the event. I can’t wait to welcome you and make it an unforgettable event together!

Nuria Nouel - Acquisition & Promotion

My name is Nuria and I am currently doing my Master Econometrics at the UvA. Together with Coen, I was responsible for both the acquisition and promotion of this year's Actuarial Congress. I am very proud of the companies that are sponsoring and I hope that our hard work pays off and results in another successful congress!

Coen de Jong - Acquisition & Promotion

My name is Coen de Jong and - together with Nuria - responsible for the Acquisition and Promotion of the event. It was amusing to interact with all the companies that make this event into what it is. Currently, I am in my final year of the Bachelor Econometrics, thus making such a professional event even more interesting. Hopefully, you will find it as instructive as it has been for me in the past year. Looking forward to meeting you at the event!

Valentine Gu - Speakers

My name is Valentine Gu and I am a Master’s student in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance. I am very happy that we are able to organize such a large event as the Actuarial Congress, especially with topics that are very interesting to me as an Actuarial Science student. I am looking forward to seeing the different perspectives and discussions between various experts in the industry around our theme Fairness since it is one of the most relevant topics in the future of the actuarial world. 

Dionne Pimentel - Magazine & Website 

My name is Dionne Pimentel and I am currently studying for a master’s degree in Econometrics at the UvA. Besides this, I work as an academic tutor at dPT. Within the committee of the Actuarial Congress, I am responsible for the website and the magazine together with Jet. I hope we can organize another great and successful congress this year!

Jet van Ommeren- Magazine & Location


My name is Jet van Ommeren and I am currently studying for my bachelor in econometrics. My role in the committee of the Actuarial Congress was creating this magazine together with Dionne. We really enjoyed the process of creating the magazine. I am very excited about the topic of this years congress, and I am looking forward to learning more about how ethics can be applied in the field of actuarial science. I believe that we will have another interesting and successful congress this year!