Presentations 2024

Plenary sessions (I-IV)

The main features of the new pension system.
By Caspar van der Woude & Sebastiaan van der Laan (NN Group)
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What are the driving forces for your pension income under the new contract?
By Servaas van Bilsen & Daniel Linders (UvA)

WTP - What will happen?
By Jan Slager & Eva Wierenga (EY)
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Instantaneous vs gradual conversion from DB to DC.
By Roel Mehlkopf (Cardano, Tilburg University)
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Interactive sessions

Round I:

Why we focus on data quality: The steps and calculations of the transition process.
By Lieke Werner (Achmea)
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To check or not to check: The challenges in the scoping of a data quality project.
By Inge Lodder (ELAVV)
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Case: How modelling helps you to a 100% score on data quality.
By Linda de Koter (Axini)
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Copilot: Data Quality engine developed by Triple A.
By Daan Nijssen & Hen Veerman (Triple A)
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Round II:

Unravelling data quality demands: How to keep it simple?
By Edward Roozenburg & Amba Zeggen (Probability & Partners)
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Outlier detection in pension asset data.
By Iris Nonneman (DNB)
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The relationship between Data Quality and Artificial Intelligence In the light of the new pension scheme in the Netherlands.
By Aron Jeurninck (AethiQs)
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Bridging the Data Quality Gap: Integrating Traditional and Modern Techniques for a Seamless Pension Transition.
By Frans Kuys & Marino san Lorenzo & Bence Zaupper (Finalyse)
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Student sessions

Unpacking the WTP act and resulting opportunities for insurers.
By Goran Lapchev & Sarah Fox (a.s.r.)
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Why are the data quality requirements important?
By Hinke Galle-Visser & Rene van Pul (Deloitte)
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